Family Session

Just catching up on some sessions that are long overdue to be blogged. Here are my dear friends Sandra and Peter and their awesome family from almost two years back! Thank you again for letting me loose in your lives with my camera!


Haidyn and Friends Stunt Group

I had the best time with these young ladies!  When Haidyn’s mom contacted me about photographing her daughter and her cheer stunt group in an outdoor setting, I knew this was going to be a fun one!  We met up at The Farm at South Mountain on a cloudy day with a chance of rain in the forecast.  Fortunately, the skies cooperated with us, and the girls let loose with fun ideas, cheer stunts among the trees, and beautiful laughs and smiles!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from G. Miya Photography! Every year, we do a themed photo shoot for our family holiday card, and this year our girls overwhelmingly requested our favorite TV show “Once Upon a Time.” Special thanks goes to good friend Sue of Big Bad Collars for costuming help, as well as loan of a black velvet cloak from friend Michelle.






Gene & Maxine – 10/26/13

I don’t do many wedding these days, but I am sure glad that I got to do this one! I got to meet an amazingly charming couple who were obviously crazy about each other!  I am so thankful to Gene and Maxine for having me at their wedding and allowing me to also take family photos on their special day.  Thanks as well to friends Joanna and Kevin who recommended me!



Bryan & Geri Family Session – 11/18/12

This family is amazing! I know this because I’ve known Bryan since intermediate school, and Geri since they were married. Now they have two AMAZING little boys, and I was so honored when they asked me to photograph their Xmas pictures this year. With preschool age children, you never know what you can expect – smiles or tears. It isn’t hard to see which one we got for this shoot! As an added bonus, the boys were happy to ham it up for me. Thank you, Bryan and Geri, for a super fun time hanging out at the park and getting to capture some great moments with your beautiful family!



Joanna & Kevin Family Shoot – 11/18/12

This session features some great friends of ours who happen to have two beautiful girls that have played and grown up alongside mine since they were babies.  This year they were joined by their cousins, which definitely doubled the fun once the posing was over and we allowed them to run amok. Four girls running loose in downtown Chandler – yikes! :-) The shoot actually began rather inauspiciously when Joanna and Kevin realized the night before the shoot that the location we had originally selected was also close to the Ironman Triathlon race on that same day.  Strike one against the photographer for not checking the calendar! After some research, we decided to go ahead with the shoot as planned since our location was well west of where the race was to begin … or at least that was what we thought. Fortunately, I headed out there early enough to discover that the authorities of the various properties around the area were jealously mindful of their parking being utilized by Triathlon attendees and had barricaded everything off for several miles.  Not wanting to hike half a mile and look like we had been in the Triathlon by the time we reached our photo location, we coordinated and headed off to an alternate place (thank goodness for cell phones) and got some great photos despite the bit of early morning excitement!


Elena & Kevin Baby Shoot – 11/9/12

There is nothing like having an adorable baby to take photos of, and Elena and Kevin sure delivered on that note!  Such a joy to spend a few morning hours photographing this beautiful little bundle.  Ruffles and cuteness were all over, much to Kevin’s dismay, but of course us moms totally get it.  :-)  Thanks, Elena and Kevin, for letting me come into your home and capture these memories for you!




Heather & David Family Session – 11/7/12

Another great holiday photo session this year with Heather and David and family!  I’ve known Heather since we both worked at Annalis Scraptique in Ahwatukee.  Since then, Heather has gone on to open her own crafting business, married the man of her dreams, and become a mommy to a beautiful little princess!  Such great people to work with!

Thanks to Marlene Jolley of The Vintage Barn in Gilbert, Arizona for the use of her venue.


Yamaha Concert at the MIM – 9/16/12

Last month I had the enormous pleasure to photograph some very talented young musicians from the East Valley Yamaha Music School.  Each one of these young men and women composed their own pieces and performed them on stage.  I cannot tell you how absolutely blown away I was by their skill and talent at such a young age!  Some of them, even as young as 8 years, already have very impressive composition and performance experience under their belts, and I’m sure we will be hearing more from them in the music world. Thank you to Heidi Grimes of East Valley Yamaha Music School for inviting me to photograph these gifted young students of hers.

More of these photos can be seen on my Facebook page.


Water Baptism – 9/9/12

I’ve known my friend Rhonda for many years.  She is a fellow scrapbooker (another thing I try to do in my “spare” time), PTO president at my kids’ school, and a business owner, among other things.  So when she asked me to photograph the water baptism of her two awesome boys, I was honored!  Not only is the church she belongs to an amazingly friendly place (and photographer friendly, too – whatever the family wanted, that was okay with them), she also has a great group of friends who all came to cheer her boys on!

Now, there were several folks – maybe four or five – who were called up before Rhonda’s boys.  As each person’s name was called, you’d see them walk up to the water pool with a handful of supporters, go through the ritual, and then file out of the room to dry off.  There were a lot of chairs set up in the audience, and they were all full, so I figured we’d have quite a number of people to go. It turned out that Rhonda’s boys were the last ones to be called (as in names #6 and #7), and when they were called, I’m not exaggerating when I say they emptied the entire audience out.  Pretty much the entire room were people there just for Rhonda’s boys!  The pastor performing the ritual was amazed and remarked that he’d never seen this many people crowded around the pool before!

So, needless to say, Rhonda’s boys are fortunate to have such an amazing group of friends to support them and help them grow along with their church!  And thank you again, Rhonda, for letting me share in this special day!

Photos may also be viewed on my Facebook page.