High School Senior Shoot from December 2015

Another catch-up post from a senior grad session last year.  This young man will be attending sound editing school this year to pursue a career in the music industry!  There’s a big bright future ahead for him!


Got Steampunk? – 11/20/11

One day my friend Sue, owner and designer of Big Bad Collars, said to me, “I want to make some Steampunk!”  My response was something along the lines of, “What’s Steampunk?”  :-P  Once she was done with her look of shock and horror, Sue rectified my woeful lack of education with several email links and a trip to the leather store and costume shop.  I learned about this very popular design style combining old Victorian elements with modern flair and a little Jules Verne thrown in.  And thus was the beginning of our latest joint effort photo shoot, debuting Sue’s newest line of Steampunk collars and belts, not to mention an entire matching outfit to go with it!  This woman never ceases to amaze me with what she can do with a needle and thread in such a short amount of time.  Not only did she design and sew all outfits, belts, collars, and leashes in these pictures, she arranged for a hair stylist to do hair at 5 in the morning, and also did the makeup herself.  Huge thanks to our model, Savannah, and her mom for putting up with the 5 AM curtain call, as well as our hair stylist, Geniel, who did an awesome job and even came with us on location to do touch-ups between takes!  Also thanks to Sue’s long-suffering husband, Deuce, for accompanying us as dog handler and to run interference with some of the characters who frequent the railroad tracks at odd hours of the day (who knew photography could be a hazardous profession?).

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Big Bad Collars – 8/14/11

When you live in a place where the temperature rises well beyond 105 degrees by 10:00 AM, it’s a good idea to get started early!  That’s what my good friend Sue - leather crafter, designer extraordinaire, and owner of Big Bad Collars – and I did along with friends John, Annette, and four-legged princess Marcella last weekend.

The intent here was a fun shoot to showcase some of Sue’s latest and greatest work, as well as show off John and Annette and their beautiful doberman Marcella.  Take a look and hopefully the fountain scenes at least will make you feel a little cooler!  Oh, and if you’re interested in any of Sue’s fine custom collars, leashes, or purses, hop on over to her web site at www.bigbadcollars.com and send her an email on what you’d like.  She can design almost anything you can specify, and everything is hand made and guaranteed to last.


Model Shoot with Liz – 3/4/11

Had a great time this evening shooting together with my business associate, Joe of Joe’s Visuals!  Thanks, Joe, for your inspiration and unending encouragement!  Thanks, Liz, for being such a beautiful model and putting up with the downtown craziness!