Joanna & Kevin Family Shoot – 11/18/12

This session features some great friends of ours who happen to have two beautiful girls that have played and grown up alongside mine since they were babies.  This year they were joined by their cousins, which definitely doubled the fun once the posing was over and we allowed them to run amok. Four girls running loose in downtown Chandler – yikes! :-) The shoot actually began rather inauspiciously when Joanna and Kevin realized the night before the shoot that the location we had originally selected was also close to the Ironman Triathlon race on that same day.  Strike one against the photographer for not checking the calendar! After some research, we decided to go ahead with the shoot as planned since our location was well west of where the race was to begin … or at least that was what we thought. Fortunately, I headed out there early enough to discover that the authorities of the various properties around the area were jealously mindful of their parking being utilized by Triathlon attendees and had barricaded everything off for several miles.  Not wanting to hike half a mile and look like we had been in the Triathlon by the time we reached our photo location, we coordinated and headed off to an alternate place (thank goodness for cell phones) and got some great photos despite the bit of early morning excitement!


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